Kaiwa Club

IJCCI Nihongo Kouryuu Kurabu welcomes you to a Nihongo Word Building Game on 28 April 2019 from 10.30 - 11.00 a.m at IJCCI premises.

The Language School of IJCCI has formed a Conversation Club, ‘ Kouryuu Kurabu’- meaning ‘Interaction Club’. This is to help students build their conversation skills in Japanese language. The club will be managed by the students.  The monthly meeting of the club will be handled by the Club Secretariat, ably assisted by the teachers of the Language School .  The club activities will include:

December 2017 Events

The Student Club of IJCCI Language School (Kouryuu Kurabu ) met on 17th December 2017 for a two hour session on Japanese culture and language.

The session was led by Satomi Ueda sensei from Tokyo. Students were taught a folk song in Japanese, titled 'hitori no chiisana te' and

later, the students made origami Christmas trees to celebrate the year-end with the help of Ueda sensei. Nakaya sensei of Japan Foundation Chennai also interacted with students.

Students enjoyed interacting with Ueda sensei and Nakaya sensei.

Inauguration of Kouryuu Kurabu